Your Dollars Spent at Volcanic Peppers are Feeding the Hungry

On 11/19/15 we announced that we would be taking 10% of our retail sales to donate food to feed the hungry. Here is what we have done with money from YOUR purchases so far…

12/3/15 we delivered 400 cans of food and 100 lb of Rice to the Open Door Mission…


Bryan with the Mission and Tim with Volcanic Peppers


400 Cans of Food and 100 lb Rice







12/16/15 we met Mayor Sanders and delivered 600 cans of food to the Bellevue, NE Food Pantry.


Scott, Tim, Mayor Sanders and Stephen


Scott and Stephen unloading the Truck






12/17/15 we delivered over 1000 lb of food to the Open Door Mission, including some Volcanic Peppers LAVA Hot Sauces of course.


Some of the food including 250 lb of rice that was donated by Golden Bowl in Bellevue

IMAG0472 We want to thank everyone that has made holiday time purchases so far. We will be making another donation at the end of the year and we hope it is another good one. It really Feels good to give some back to those in need.

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