Volcanic Peppers is located in Bellevue, NE. We are independent chile growers processing in a locally approved and FDA registered commercial kitchen. We provide fresh chile peppers including a variety of habanero, cayenne, sweet and ultra hot peppers including the worlds hottest Trinidad scorpion, 7-pot and the ghost or bhut jolokia peppers. We also create several blends of chile powder including Volcano Dust ™ which is a combination of several dried and or smoked peppers. Volcano Dust adds aroma, heat and flavor to any food. We will also provide custom chile powder blends for food establishments that want to add that extra something to their spicy recipes.  Volcanic Peppers strives to provide the highest quality and freshest products to you for your personal and or commercial use. Please enjoy responsibly as all products sold by Volcanic Peppers are hot to super hot. Thank you for visiting – Tim

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  1. darron hage says:

    just found your dust online and couldnt help myself had to order. looks like it might be great with my wild hog tacos. let ya know how it goes. thx darron.

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