Pickle (or Green Onion) rollups

Posted by Don on Oct 13th 2017

1 Jar Midget dill pickles (or large pickles quartered length wise) (OR 2 dozen Green onion) 2 pkgs cream cheese 2T VP Hot Garlic n Onion or Pizza seasoning 1# thin sliced meats Place Cream C … read more

​ Mexican Chicken ala VP

Posted by Don on Oct 13th 2017

Place 2 Chicken Breasts bottom of Crock pot (can be frozen) Big can of Green Chili Can of corn Can black beans Healthy splash VP salsa Handful of crushed tortilla chips Cook on Low for 8 hour … read more

Sloppy Tim’s (sloppy Joe's)

Posted by Don on Oct 13th 2017

1# hamburger ½ medium chopped onion 1 Cup VP Spicy Ketchup (or more depending on your taste) 1/3 Cup VP Jalapeno Mustard ¼ Cup VP Ponzu Brown and drain hamburg with onion Add the rest of the … read more

July 4th Discount

Posted by Tim on Jul 3rd 2017

Be sure to use the discount code, july4 ,through July 4, 2017 for a 20% discount. Enjoy your Independence Day celebrations. 
Dia De Sol Chicken Dip

Dia De Sol Chicken Dip

Posted by Tim on Apr 29th 2017

Ingredients Needed:     1 - Bottle of Dia De Sol Sauce    4 - Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts    16 oz - Cream CheeseThis is a very easy recipe … read more