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Volcanic Pepper Products Now Available in Bulk. If you have a request for another product to be available in bulk please contact us with your request.

VD Reaper Large_webCarolina Reaper – 8 oz. – Super Hot Chile Powder. (Rated Worlds Hottest in 2013 by Guinness Book) – $80.00


Trinidad Scorpion – 8 oz. – Super Hot Chile Powder. (Previous Worlds Hottest) – $65.00

VD Volcano Dust Large_webBhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) – 8 oz. – Very Hot Chile Powder originating from India. (Rated Worlds Hottest prior to the Trinidad Scorpion) – $40.00



VD Volcano Dust 2 Large_webVolcano Dust 2 – 8 oz. – Mix of Smoked Habanero, Ghost Pepper and Red Peppers.  – $38.00



VD Volcano Dust 1 Large_webVolcano Dust 1 – 8 oz. – Mix of Smoked Habanero and Red Peppers.  – $36.00



VD Hot Garlic n Onion Large_webHot Garlic ‘n Onion – 10 oz. – Nice mix of high quality Garlic, Onion and Hot Peppers.  – $16.00



VD The Rub Large_webThe Rub – 10 oz. – Perfect for coating chicken, steak, burgers or to add to a casserole or stew to add some sweet and spicy flavor.  – $12.00



VD Spicy Chili Powder Large_webSpicy Chili Powder – 8 oz. – Perfect for making chili, seasoning taco meat or making chili flavored snacks.  – $16.00



VD Cajun Spice Blend Large_webCajun Spice Blend – 10 oz. – Perfect with chicken, shrimp, gumbo, crawfish and more.  – $12.00



4 Responses to Bulk Shopping

  1. mike says:

    I need 2 gallons of your Aleppo pepper sauce. can you get this out to me, and how much will it be. thanks. I done a youtube review on your Aleppo pepper sauce and loved it.

  2. Crystal Main says:

    I was interested in pricing for a case of Scorpion BBQ sauce.

  3. I am looking for Scotch Bonnet powder in a 8oz container.

  4. Rick says:

    We talked Sunday. Need pricing for restaurant on Green Salsa.

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