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  1. Timothy Smith says:

    Fantastic flavor … fabulous heat … great service … Allowing local customers to try their concoctions is awesome, as I like some heat, but not melt-my-face-off-heat, but might be willing to try a bit of the Carolina Reaper Dust on my next visit πŸ™‚

  2. Illinois Jake says:

    I am excited about my 1st order on the way. I got several dusts and the reaper pretzel snacks. I am excited and afraid of them.

  3. Todd M. says:

    We visit the Bellevue store every time we are in the neighborhood and are never disappointed. The new Darth Sambal and Ghost Pepper Curry Sauce are simply amazing! We will keep coming back when we are in the neighborhood to visit my favorite store and stock up!!

  4. Les J. says:

    Thank you to all those @ Volcanic! Just got my order of the lvl2 gift pack, Volcano Dust4, Hot Italian, and Hot Curry. Not sure if it was a packing error or just a surprise gift but I was pleased to find a bonus bottle of death by Aji sauce! Can’t wait to try it. We have been long time fans and first came across Volcanic products at the annual Zest fest in Irving TX. We love what you do! For those thinking about ordering just do it. The dusts are an ideal additive to any bland meal…and the small shakers are perfect for carrying with you when eating out….because we know when they say “hot” on a menu they mean “mild” by any heat lovers standards!

    • Tim says:

      Thank you Les, no error, we were running a special when you ordered. I hope you like the Death by Aji soon to be known as Aji Bomb. Thanks a bunch for the feedback and for your ongoing support.

  5. Jacob Pruett says:

    Holy smokes! Absolutely exceptional flavors with exotic aromatics and the perfect heat levels. I ordered a variety of their sauces and when the box arrived I couldn’t wait and opened each bottle and tried them one by one. These are some of the best smelling, tasting, and burning concoctions I have had. I haven’t been able to pick a favorite out of all the Volcanic sauce line because each one is so unique. Highly recommended!!!

  6. Cynthia Lombardo says:

    I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else. I have never tasted anything like your sauces.

  7. David says:

    Just want to say thank you for a wonderful salsa. We took the mild and medium salsas to a party and everyone loved them. I grabbed the leftovers and find it’s a rich flavor not overpowered by excessive heat or by too much tomato base.

  8. Zach says:

    I bought my first container of volcano dust in 2012 and have been in love ever since. Some of the best tasting, hottest and freshest spices with the fastest shipping ever. Thank you, I look forward to trying everything.

  9. Jeff Muller says:

    As I make my way through my shaker of Volcano Dust 4 ( 2014 edition ) I hate to wonder what I’ll do when it runs out! Fantastic blend of flavors and heat. Looking forward to the next Volcano Dust!

    • Tim says:

      Jeff, glad you dig the VD4. We still have some left, ended up having a decent amount of the garden peppers for it at the end of the year.

  10. Matt says:

    I didn’t even know about the dust spices and I love hot stuff. I stopped by a new wing place and we started talking hot stuff. The next day I took the owner my favorite wing sauce that I get shipped. He then handed me a little gift basket of his favorites. I didn’t care for most except this little sample baggy of dust with a volcanic sticker. I fell in love and started ordering stuff. Thank you very much for the onion garlic that you placed in my order. We had pizza last night with some family and they loved it on their pizza. I probably would have never tried this, but I will be buying extra next time. I know you probably get a lot of request, but I had these wings the other day with a dry rub of habanero and lime and I think that would be a great addition to your product line. Keep up the great work Tim your stuff is the BEST!

  11. Leoni says:

    I just received Volcanic Peppers as a gift. I like the heat but am wondering why the peppers smells like it was smoked. Was it?

  12. brian s says:

    hey tim i have ordered from u a few times and i just have to say amazing hot sauces. i wont stop till i try them all. red reaper and olympic mons are next on my list. thanks again for making great products.

  13. Jeff Muller says:

    Recently got the Lava Chocolate Lightning and Lava Death By Douglah- both fantastic! The Chocolate Lightning has a wonderful Habanero flavor, great heat and smokiness, I’m putting this on everything. And Death By Douglah has a fantastic flavor of the 7-Pot, fruitiness and intense heat, I think the hottest non-extract sauce I’ve had. I just ordered the Lava Red Reaper and can’t wait!

    • Tim says:

      Really glad you are enjoying our products Jeff. Looking forward to your thoughts on the Red Reaper. Tim

      • Jeff Muller says:

        The Red Reaper is quickly becoming one of my favorite all around hot sauces. Fantastic pepper flavor as it first hits the tongue, then the heat from the Reaper slowly builds and warms exquisitely. I love it!

  14. Nick S. says:

    I’m a new customer and in the last month or so I have purchased Aleppo pepper sauce, Scott’s scorching ghost pepper sauce, Strawberry Piquante, Death by aji, Mango Marseille, Green Vulcan, and the mild taco sauce. All of them were exceptionally good!!!

    The mild taco sauce has soooo much flavor it is a must have for any mexican dish. You have to try this!! Hands down the best taco sauce EVER!!!

    The Mango Marseille is so good I can eat it by the spoon full!

    The Aleppo pepper sauce is good on amazing on a steak! say good bye to A1 sauce if you try this!

    Scott’s Scorchin’ Ghost pepper sauce has great flavor and heat. It goes with just about everything!

    I’ve been telling my family and friends about Volcanic Peppers products and letting them try mine. They all love them. I will be a returning customer for sure!! Thank you for making amazing products!

  15. Jeff says:

    Just placed another order, this time trying a couple sauces as well as some Volcano Dust 3, been a Volcano Dust fan for years and can’t wait!

  16. Justin T says:

    The Volcano Dust 2 is the best hot sauce I have tried. Cant wait to buy some more!

  17. Darren says:

    If you ever make a smoked version of the reaper dust let me know I would love a jar. Your dusts are the best.

  18. Tom says:

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your Aleppo sauce – was so good I finished my first bottle in one meal. My orders have arrived quickly each time – looking forward to ordering and trying some different and hotter sauces in the future!

  19. Sam Van Meter says:

    10/10 The flavors are multi layered and deep. I find myself putting it on most anything I’m eating, its just that pleasing to my senses.

  20. Brian Sammis says:

    Hi. I purchased the Aleppo pepper sauce and the sweet scorpion peanuts. They are amazing. I will definitely be buying from here again. And they threw in a hot onion and garlic powder which is awesome I love heat and that has heat. Ted Barrus was right u guys rock.

  21. Todd says:

    Everytime visit family in Omaha, I make sure to stop by the store at least once or twice to get both products available online (Scott’s Scorching Ghost Pepper sauce and the Sweet Scorpion Peanuts are awesome and my son and I love, love, love the mild taco sauce) to unique in-store products (like the Orange Ghost Pepper Powder, frozen Ghost and Scorpion peppers for cooking, and the fresh extra hot spicy salsa).

    I highly recommend visiting the store when in town, trying the sauces, and visiting with Tim and Scott! And if you cannot make it to the store, you cannot go wrong ordering online.

  22. Rob says:

    I took Ted Barrus’ word for it and bought 2 bottles of the mild taco sauce. I should have purchased 5. It’s incredible. I can’t wait to enjoy it on many foods. Job VERY well done.

  23. Bruce says:

    I just purchased your Bhut Jolokia Powder from Amazon. It seemed to have a smokey flavor. I’m into heat, not really a smoke fan. Do you have any without the smoke flavor?

  24. Pete K says:

    Have just run out of Volcanic dust 1 & 2, both amazing chilli powders. Loved them on pizza and in my food generally. Have just ordered a tub of the hottest, look forward to getting it πŸ™‚

    Great company and great products.

  25. Tyler Kenkel says:

    I’ve just got to say I’ve ordered numerous of products from this website and Tim really knows his stuff when it comes to these awsome peppers. The mixtures and flavors delivered from these spices is awsome. Keep up the good work and will always look foward to my purchases.. Thankyou, Tyler (chile head:)

  26. dakota says:

    how long does it take to deliver

    • Tim says:

      We do our best to ship within 24 hours. Delivery usually occurs within 2 to 3 days for domestic orders. Thanks for the question, Tim

  27. Ryan Holden says:

    Just wanted to add another voice to the multitude that sing praise for these products, as a self-proclaimed chili head I’m unsure how I ever ate at “regular” restaurants sans a volcano dust 3 shaker in the pocket; and your Death by Douglah sauce was absolutely outstanding! I anticipate trying/using your products over and over again.

    On a side note, your link to “Ain’t nobody’s business if you do” was well received, as I’d never heard of the late Peter McWilliams, nor his book). Upon reading some reviews it was an obvious purchase; thank you, and take care.

  28. Linda N. says:

    Wow! I love your stuff! Love it. Got a small Volcano Dust 2 and was draining it so fast that I ordered the large size part-way through so I wouldn’t be without for even a minute. While I was at it I got Dust 3, Bhut powder and Chocolate Lightning Hot Sauce. OMG! So addicted. I could be bribed with this stuff. Btw, smart putting in a sample of the hot garlic n’ onion powder…I have to order a big bottle. Good, GOOD flavor and surprisingly snappy heat to it. Next order will be for Tim’s 10 pepper flakes, some Scorpion and 7 pot Douglah and of course a big jar of Hot Garlic n’ Onion powder. Think I will get also some Fatali powder for a new flavor. Anyway, thanks for the deliciousness. Can’t wait to try more…

  29. Dangerous Dave's BBQ says:


    This is Dangerous Dave’s BBQ (self proclaimed back yard BBQ warrior)…down here in San Antonio. I have got to tell you, this stuff is on point…it’s amazing! I started off with the Volcano Dust 3 (recommened by my dad), I use it on almost everything from pizza’s to Oreo cookies. In fact, my dad and I have a contest to see how many restruants we can “tag” with volcano dust. We order of the menu, sprinkle it on, and enjoy the flavors. I’m not sure I can ever eat anything without the heat from the Volcano Dust. I know have to keep a bottle of it work and at home…You are a HEAT genius!

    Since then, I have ordered the Raspberry Scorpion Sauce, Chocolate Lightning, Death by Douglah, and Super Hot Scorpion Powder…Your products are not hot just to be hot, you have engineered such great flavor into your bottles, it makes the pain worth every ounce of sweat and tears drained from my body!

    Although, I would like to feature your spices in chilli cook offs and possible BBQs…I don’t want to to use your products publicly without your approval. I respect your business and the heat. Please follow up with me on product use.

    Just for laughs here is little video for entertainment value only:


    • Tim says:

      Awesome Dave, glad you are into the products we make. Of course you are welcome to talk about the products publicly. We are a growing company and always appreciate positive publicity. P.S. loved the video.

  30. scott says:

    Ordered the ghost x scorpion powder, tims 10 flakes, lava chocolate lightning , and was gifted the hot garlic n’ onion. Already used one bottle of sauce and I am half way through both dust. This stuff is amazing I put it on everything I eat love the flavor and heat. Sometimes munch on the flakes for the flavor and heat througout the daywich leaves my wife giving me wierd looks. Definitely ordering more asap.

    • Tim says:

      Awesome Scott, thank you for the feedback, glad you dig the products I look forward to taking care of your heat needs. Don’t worry my wife has been looking at me like I am crazy for years for my need for heat. Tim

  31. Mike Cohen says:

    Been using Tim’s 10 Pepper Flakes lately and this stuff is perfect. It is AMAZING on pizza and anything else that you want to kick up a few dozen notches. Just another amazing product from Volcanic Peppers. Keep it up.


  32. Kevin says:

    I got 3 products:

    Volcano Dust 2
    Volcano Dust 3
    Tim’s 10 Pepper Flakes

    So far I have tried the two Volcano Dust’s and they are great. Added it to Indian food to spice it up. Added it to Nacho chips, and had it with Habanero salsa, sprinkled some into a bowl of soup and kicked it up a notch.

    These are great products… Thank you!

  33. The Ronald says:

    I grew up in the hills of West Virginia where people are very capable of being able to make great salsa. When I moved to Plattsmouth, Volcanic Peppers was one of the first places I truly remember seeing. I thought “Hmm, how interesting…I’m going to have to visit that place this summer…” I was truly shocked to find out that they were open year round. This place has INCREDIBLE salsa that is great for chips, and for cooking. I walk to the store and buy it probably every other week. On a scale from one to ten, this place is an eleven.

  34. Jesse says:

    I recently found your website and decided to sample several of the dusts. Just wanted to say that these are absolutely amazing. The Ghost X Scorpion dusts, to me, are the hottest out of what I ordered and equally outstanding. Thank you for providing such a great product!

  35. Brandon says:

    Hey Tim!

    Thanks for the 4 powders. I am very satisfied with all of them. I love the flavor of chocolate habanero and the heat of volcano dust 3. Volcano dust 2 has the best flavor and heat mix, and one is a good side kick seasoning. You will see my business again in the near future!


  36. Joel says:

    Wowee! I have been liberally enjoying the “tamer” powders and, as the shakers are getting lighter, I decided to reacquaint myself with the Smoky Scorpion Powder in the collection. F.L.A.V.O.R. AND H.E.A.T!! I will need to remember for now to ease back a little when I shake that one on. πŸ™‚ Still spreading the word about your products whenever the opportunity arises. Kudos!

  37. lorraine says:

    Do have any basic measurments..i.e. 1 habenero would be equal to ? teaspoon of Volcano Dust? I made cranberry habenero jam last week end and seeding the habeneros was time consuming. I bought your Volcano to make next batch. A batch takes 10-15 habeneros. If you don’t have any measurements I will try to figure out and let you know how it turns out. After reading your reviews…You must be the God of Great Heat….

  38. Joel says:

    It’s amazing how flavorful the dusts are and the nice heat they deliver. I checked the ingredients to see if any other flavorings had been snuck in there. Pure smokey pepper goodness, unadulterated with salt or any other flavors. The only “MSG” here is More Spicy Goodness!

    Not just tasty on food, a little shake on a spoon straight works as a good afternoon pick-me-up, though it makes my head sweat like I just ran a mile.

    I am thoroughly enjoying my Volcano Dust (1, 2 and 3), Chocolate Habanero, Bhut Jolokia, and Scorpion powders. I’ll be sharing with all my friends and will be back for more. Thanks!!!

  39. Joe Donohue says:

    Just WOW.
    I was recently given the remnants of a jar, by a friend who decided that it was just too much heat for him. His loss.
    I was not expecting the level of heat from a powdered pepper. Perfect for my favorite dry rub recipe for spicy chicken wings. So perfect I had to order more.

  40. Steve (The Machine) says:

    I am an extreme chilehead,reviewer,and lover of all things hot. I
    have tried pretty much everything TIM has and I will say I love
    everything he has. The Chocolate Lightning sauce is wickedly good. The
    Scorpion Bbq is out of this world good. Then you get to volcano dusts
    and powders all fantastic. Then you have hot garlic while not super
    hot but yet its still super flavorful and super addictive. I think
    there is crack in it. I love it. I just got 5 more bottles. πŸ™‚ Keep it

  41. Eric Johnson says:

    I’am on my third volcanic dust III bottle and finished the scorpion BBQ sauce. Just smelling the powder makes me salivate. I’am addicted! It is true about becoming immune to the heat. I sprinkle it all over my food and don’t feel the heat, but I do the same to others and they wave their hands in front of their faces to cool down. I love your stuff and will continue to order more.
    Thanks, Eric

  42. Cliff says:

    I love the BBQ sauce and the Volcano dust 2. I use the dust on just about everything. And the BBQ sauce not only is great with my ribs, but it is killer if you grill chicken wings with it. Great product and a really nice guy.

  43. Mike Cohen says:

    Just wanted to say I have been really enjoying the Hot Garlic ‘n Onion. It is very flavorful and has a nice heat level. Could be a bit hotter, but I can fix that with the other spices I have from you. Been using this a lot on fries and pizza. Thanks for the awesome product Tim. Keep it up and I should be purchasing more soon.


  44. Darren Oglesby says:

    That volcano dust 3 arrived. I put some on my tongue it had a very unique flavor to it. I think I am going to enjoy cooking with this. Thank you I cant wait for the scorpion one to come out.

    • Darren Oglesby says:

      I just made an indian curry called a vindaloo with the volcano dust 3 and it was good.

      • Tim says:

        Excellent, I need to start experimenting with some curry, glad it is working well for you.

        • Darren Oglesby says:

          How are those scorpion peppers coming along. My wife and I are eagerly awaiting the scorpion one you are out of stock on. My wife has a insanely high tolerance to hot chilies. the volcanic 3 pepper we also tried habanero pepper and I break out in a sweat and have to take a break but she doesn’t even flinch. Its crazy lol

          • Darren Oglesby says:

            I just bought the scorpion powder. curious though is the smoked one more flavorsome?

  45. Doug says:

    Hi do you sell plants too? If so, what kind? I am looking for some of the more unusual peppers (NOT the Bhut though. Red Sativa is my limit πŸ™‚

    • Tim says:

      Hi Doug, I only grew some extra Bhut and Scorpion plants this year to sell at the farmers market here in Omaha. I would refer you to my friend Jim Duffy at He has a great varieity and knows what he is doing with shipping plants.

  46. Shane says:

    Just ran across these guys at the Aksarben Village farmer’s market and wow! They were so friendly and full of knowledge. I purchased a Bhut plant and hope to to grow it with some success and if not… I know where I can pick up a sauce or powder to add a little zip to our foods. What a great couple of guys, and so nice to see someone local doing something like this!

  47. Matthew says:

    I will be ordering the scorpion dust in a matter of two days to make for my girlfriend and her family on my fried chicken. I hope it will win me the title worlds hottest fried chicken (sorry, colonel).

    • Tim says:

      I am currently out of the Scorpion Dust but you can still get the 7-pot Jonah or Volcano Dust 3 to make some flaming hot chicken.

  48. George aka Beadman says:

    I’d have to say ever since meeting up with Tim and buying his products life hasn’t been the same. Everytime I cook something and take into work to share, people shy away from it unless they love a good burn. The Scorpion Dust in chili is a must. We have even played Deviled Egg Roulette …sprinkle a few eggs with Scorpion Dust and the rest with papirika and sit back and see who gets which. Just don’t make the mistake that I did and sprinkle the eggs on the cutting board and spill alittle over and have wife make her sandwich the next day and get it on your bread. (almost divorce court) Keep up the good work Tim and look forward to the next burn!

    • Tim says:

      Thanks George, I love trying out your creations, hot pickles, hot onions, etc. looking forward to seeing you at the farmers market again this year.

  49. Nikki Terhune says:

    I won FIRST place in a chili contest with the SCORPION DUST!! AWES STUFF!!

  50. Scott Mathews says:

    Are you Kidding!!! This stuff is crazy good. I have ordered twice now and everything I have gotten is amazing. Smokey flavor & perfect pepper heat. I have started to put this on just about everything. The Volcano Dust 1&2 are perfect. Volcano dust 3 has some serious kick but is still good. If you love peppers…you can not go wrong here. Wonder if the guy who makes this will adopt me…lol

    • Tim says:

      Thanks Scott, glad you are digging the Dust! I appreciate the feedback. As far as adoption hmmmmm are you independently wealthy? πŸ™‚ Keep on keeping it spicy. Tim

  51. Brian Kolstad says:

    Can you share some recipes for Scorpion Volcano Dust? It seems way too hot to just sprinkle on some scrambled eggs, although that was my first inclination!

    • Tim says:

      The Scorpion is pretty darn hot using as a direct sprinkle. I will try to work on some recipes this summer. In the mean time try using the scorpion to kick up your favorites. You can add it to just about any condiment you use, melt it in some cheese, add to chili, etc. I have been enjoying it mixed with strawberry jam for my morning toast. If you find any great combinations feel free to post them up. Thanks, Tim

      • Erik Moore says:

        Scorpion powder, onion powder, garlic powder, red wine vinegar, canola oil, lemon zest (no juice), Herbs De Provance. Marinate boneless, skinless chicken thighs over night. Salt and pepper right before baking. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

  52. Jeremy P says:

    Hello. I was just introduced to Volcano Dust this past weekend from a friend. I don’t know where this has been all my life. Just placed my first order, can’t wait. Good stuff!

  53. Shadow - Galena, Alaska says:

    Just used the new Garlic / Onion powder you sent me to make potato salad. This stuff is to die for can’t wait to see how it taste again after it sets up overnight !

  54. Shadow - Galena, Alaska says:

    Scorpion Powder is excellent on vanilla ice cream !

    • Tim says:

      Sounds great, I have had habanero powder on ice cream and loved it, will definitely give the scorpion powder a try. Thanks for the comment.

  55. sharon says:

    OMGoodness, I LOVE his Scorpion BBQ sauce (great even on avocados for breakfast) and the dust remains (#3 hottest) in my purse for those all too frequent underspiced emergencies! Awesome products and people! Tim is most creative and playful to put these great flavors all together so I can have a party with my food in my mouth. πŸ˜‰

  56. Kensley Stewart says:

    At ZestFest this year in Irving, TX (I was a judge in the FFC (Fiery Food Challenge) I had the pleasure of getting a gift from a friend… The Lava Scorpion BBQ Sauce is TOP among the best!!! I went back a bought another bottle and WISH I had gotten a CASE…

    Excellent blend of sweet, smoke and HEAT…

    Thanks Volcanic Peppers… ya all ROCK!

  57. Shelene says:

    I had the pleasure of purchasing several peppers and a Volcano Dust 1 the other day at the Omaha farmer’s market.
    I tried the spice on popcorn, and it was awesome! πŸ™‚
    I am, however, trying to remember which peppers were which… mainly because I know a few were habanero strength, and I bought one or two ghost chilli strength, and it would be nice to know the wuss-out factor of each.
    Would it be possible for you to post a few pics of your peppers, and describe them?

    Thank you, and I enjoy your products.

  58. Josh says:

    Met Tim @ the Farmers Market last weekend. He hooked me up with a “variety pack” of some wicked hot peppers. As a chili head it is nice to have access to raw super chilis. I will be back week after week trying all of his great products. Thanks!

    • Tim says:

      Josh, it was nice to meet you as well and I am glad you are enjoying them, you got a good selection. I look forward to working with you going forward.

  59. Matthew Donica says:

    Any new info on the mild habaneros or their powder?

  60. Lou says:

    I purchased some Volcano Dust 2 when I visited my son in Omaha and
    stopped by your booth at the Farmer’s Market. He used it on some
    Tilapia that evening and it was so good that I had to order some for
    myself. Thanks!

  61. Matthew Donica says:

    Do you have anymore of the medium jalapeno dust? My wife loves it and I’d like to grab another bottle of it.

  62. Kim DeHart says:

    just love your new Volcano Dust, can’t wait to order more powder to mix with my ghost pepper powder to kick it up to Volcano Dust II and to try some baking here, keep up the good work!

    • Tim says:

      Kim, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you are enjoying the powders and I look forward to sending another shipment to you whenever you have a need. Good luck with the baking, if you come up with anything you want to share like recipes or ways you use the powders I would love to see you post it here. Have a good one and thanks again, Tim

  63. Matthew Donica says:

    Hey, I’ve eaten your volcano dust on every pizza or pasta I’ve had since I got it. It is the star player in my spice cabinet and I season just about everything with it.

    Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t like hot stuff, so she can’t enjoy the powder with me. Do you plan on making any powder out of milder peppers? She really likes smoked flavor, even smoked dried bell peppers would be great.

    If you ever do decide to make them, you can count me among your first customers.

    If you want to answer you can email me or send a tweet to snoozaphone. I’ll also check this site.

    I recommend your powder to all my friends.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Matthew, thanks for the feedback, I am always glad to hear it when people enjoy it as much as I do. I do intend to create some milder versions, for example I introduced a smoked jalapeno based powder this weekend at the Farmer’s Market to see if there may be some demand for a bit less heat. I am still in the development phase and awaiting some feedback. It is quite mild to me but probably still has a little kick from the jalapeno and red pepper to someone that does not tolerate hot stuff, I am rating it at a medium. If you would like to try that for her let me know I still have 6 bottles of it.
      I am actually planning to introduce a mild version this summer using a no-heat habanero called Nu-Mex that a friend shared with me. It will probably be mixed with some other peppers, possibly the red slim. I have experimented with bell peppers hoping to add some sweetness to my recipes but they do not make a real good powder since there is so much sugar content, it gets sticky and clumps quickly. Tim

      • Matthew Donica says:

        I’ll gladly buy a small jar of the milder powder. If we’re working out another order, I’d like a small jar of the Volcano Dust 1 too. It is so good that I want to keep a bottle in my car so that I don’t have to remember to grab it when I eat out. If you send me another email, I’ll give you a shipping address and you can send a paypal receipt to my email so I can pay for your product.

        I’ll check this site to figure out when you start making the Nu-Mex powder, or you can email me if you want. I’ll gladly buy some of that when it arrives.

  64. Jeremy says:

    Just had the volcano powder 2 on some fish sticks. Freaking fantastic, I’m still sweating. Showed the wife the Scoville for ghost peppers. She was like “What the heck did you just eat! The next level above that is police grade pepper spray” I smiled.

  65. Kyle in Baltimore says:

    I just recieved my order of Volcano Dust and Volcano Dust 2 yesterday. First, I was very impressed with the fast turnaround. I placed my order on Monday, and it was in my mailbox on Wednesday. My lieutenant grows the Nagas, Trinidads, and Chocolates as well, but his won’t be ready till the end of July, and my current supply from last season is depleted, which brought me here. As I opened the envelope I was immdeiately hit by the aroma, and knew I had struck gold. Excellent product in both flavor and quality, and I was certainly surprised to find the extra bag of Bhut Jolokia powder with my order. We’ve had record breaking (high) temperatures here on the east coast lately, but it hasn’t stopped me form loading up my food with Volcano Dust. Now, I can’t wait for chili season to roll around. I will most certainly be a returning customer, and will be recommending your product to all of my friends who appreciate hot peppers. Thanks for helping this capsaicin junkie get his fix!

    • Tim says:

      Kyle, thanks for the feedback, I’m really glad you like it. Keep checking back as we will be introducing some even hotter smoked and un-smoked blends this summer with red, yellow, chocolate Jolokia and 7-Pot, Trinidad Scorpion and Naga Morich.
      P.S. thank you for your service. Tim

  66. Julie says:

    I’m getting a bunch for Father’s day gifts!! Thanks so much for a
    great product.

  67. Dan Scigs says:

    I ordered the bhut powder for a friend and he loved it. I also received a “dust 2” sample and I ended up keeping it for myself. I was honestly anticipating a typical hot pepper powder. I was amazed at the smooth consistent heat. It set off my bacon and 3 beef chili perfectly. I loved it so much I’m back here for more and I’m ordering for friends as well. Thank you.

    • Tim says:

      Dan, thank you for the comment, it is always great to get feedback and yours reinforces to me that the samples are worth while. I am glad that you enjoyed the sample and also to have you as an ongoing customer.

  68. James says:

    Good guy – Fair prices – Picked up over 5 oz of pepper powder and will be back for more when its done.

  69. Julie says:

    I bought the Volcano Dust 2 at the Aksarben Christmas Market. It is absolutely the best! Love the smokey flavor, I put it on everything. I am buying the bigger size now and am going to try the Volcano Dust 1, too!

  70. Paul Uhm says:

    Awesome stuff!
    It’s HOT!
    But, it’s still addicting.

  71. Tom L - California says:

    Adds heat and a great tasting smoky flavor – Not for the meek. IF you like HEAT with a nice smoky flavor, you found it. I like nacho cheese flavoring on my popcorn, and this adds that zip to my nacho flavoring that cayenne just can’t match. I’m sold.

  72. Iain M says:

    Fantastic stuff! Will definitely buy more!

  73. Rachael A. says:

    My new FAVE—-I received this as a gift not too long ago, and I wanted to comment about how great the volcano dust is!! It’s one of those great finds I haven’t been able to stop talking about! I sprinkle some on almost everything I eat. Sometimes I use a lot, sometimes a little…depending on the heat level I’m in the mood for.

    I’m about to make my first purchase, and I’m thinking I better go for a bigger size than what I had the first time. I LOVE IT!!

  74. Tyler says:

    Volcano Dust

    I have had the privilege of sampling both varieties of the Volcano Dust pepper mixture. The level one is warm to my mouth and has a nice aroma when put on hot foods. The heat is not long lingering, but stronger than most hot sauces similar to a Tabasco style. I greatly enjoy the ability to add flavor and heat to my food without having the salt and vinegar taste associated with the sauces. My wife has also followed my lead and currently puts the seasoning on everything we eat. I really enjoy watching her face light up with the heat, and overall a huge positive has been the increased amounts of water we drink at supper every night, we no longer feel dehydrated!!

    The level 2 of the Volcano Dust has a much stronger initial heat, and the smoky aroma on warm food is exceptional. The length of the warmth in your mouth isn’t significantly longer, just the initial level. I have recommended this product to many people and have purchased multiple shakers as gifts for my friends and family. Everyone has loved it. It is something a little new and a little different than most items on the market and the consensus in my house is that it is a hit.

    I look forward to trying this spice on new foods. My current favorite is on poached eggs on toast, for some reason the heat with the egg yolk is spectacular. I recommend Volcano dust to everyone that loves hot spicy smoky flavor.

  75. Sean D. says:

    All I can say is…wow. This stuff is awesome! I am using it on almost everything. It adds great smokey flavor and a nice bite to pizza, pasta, Asian foods, Mexican… its just amazing. I will be receiving another batch any day now!

    • Tim says:

      As one of my first customers I sure value your feedback. Your previous comments, helping me to refine the recipe, are much appreciated as well.

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