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Shipping for test product - Habanero Carrot batch 2

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Shipping for test product, Orange Habanero, Carrot and Onion, test batch 2

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  • 5
    Habanero Carrot Test batch 2

    Posted by Chris on Nov 17th 2020

    Perfect amount of heat. Not overpowering. Thick consistency that goes great on just about everything. Habanero is the star but can taste the garlic and lime. Favorite food to put on was a burrito but found myself eating the sauce by itself.

  • 5
    Test Batch #2

    Posted by Matthew Bittner on Nov 16th 2020

    While I really enjoyed Test Batch #1, I think Test Batch #2 is so much better. The taste and consistency is much improved over #1 and everything we tasted it on tasted a lot better. I'm looking forward to Test Batch #2 going into production. Well done!!

  • 5
    Hot Sauce

    Posted by Kyle on Nov 13th 2020

    Great flavor and the perfect amount of heat in my opinion

  • 5
    Amazing flavor

    Posted by Dustin on Nov 13th 2020

    I got both test batches and they were both great! I prefer the addition of garlic and lime in the second batch but both will definitely be used! Great company and great product

  • 5
    Plenty of flavor and lasting heat!

    Posted by Dave B on Nov 9th 2020

    This was delicious, and the heat is not only solid, but it's ready to unpack its bags and move in for the Winter. A little bit can go a long way if you're not a serious heat lover. Definitely recommend this, hope it stays around full time!

  • 5
    Volcanic Peppers whiskey steak sauce Batch #2

    Posted by Darrell Patterson on Jun 2nd 2019

    Outstanding, Nice and spicy, wonderfully flavorful.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Adam on Apr 2nd 2019

    Tastes like a good steak sauce but better. Not as tangy id say as A1 but nice and sweet with a good peppery taste and a nice spice to it, but not so spicy that it overwhelms the delicious steak youre eating! Would buy when it comes out.

  • 4
    test batch #2 whiskey steak sauce

    Posted by Mark Wilkerson on Mar 25th 2019

    Was very pleased, tried it on pizza,chicken, and a burger so far. Can't really think of anything that I feel would or could make it any more tasty

  • 5
    Whiskey steak sauce

    Posted by Dana on Mar 25th 2019

    It’s definitely a steak sauce in that it tastes like typical steak sauces you’ve tried (just like how barbecue sauce is familiar as barbecue sauce, even though they don’t all taste the same). It starts out slightly sweet, and then turns a bit sour and garlicky tasting. The whisky gives it a little punch, but not an overpowering one. This sauce has a decent bite of heat to it, much more than any steak sauce I’ve tried, which was expected and appreciated! Don’t want to say too much though, just enough to make you want to try it. And you absolutely should if another test batch is put out which I imagine will happen! Definitely try to get your hands on this! If you like steak sauce I don’t think this will disappoint at all.